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Capsule Pack

A modular travel system that supports the adventure of modern nomads.

The Capsule Pack is a modular travel system that supports the adventure of the modern nomads, a new class of young professionals that work on the go. We believe the present circumstances will yield unique opportunities for rapid travel and work.


Vanessa Yu ( 

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Dean Ichiriu 

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Winter 2020 | 2 Week Project

Sponsored by The North Face

What if the new wave of young professionals were homeless?


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"Millennials entered the workforce in the last recession's depths and have struggled to afford homeownership. But, they are the first generation to see the world through the internet lens, giving them a shared, global culture and greater desire of distant locations from a young age."


-The Observer

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2020 - Telecommuting

Due to the pandemic, the majority of the world's professional affairs moved onto a virtual platform. Telecommuting has changed our entire workflow, and will greatly influence our work habits moving toward the future. 

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Sense of Freedom

Due to limited freedom, life priorities have shifted. Once free, we are going out to explore a whole new world. 


Openness and Collaboration

Because of our seamless integration of digital tools and newfound freedom, intentional co-living spaces and temporary micro-living spaces facilitate openness and collaboration, social networking, and the sharing economy. 


Capsule Pack

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The Capsule Pack consists of a two-part system. The modular system is designed to be as flexible as your schedule to support all of your adventures whether it's a year-round trip or a weekend away. 

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During a nomad's longer travels, the two bags connect into one to provide enough storage for all necessities needed to curate a comfortable "home base". Reinforced by highly-durable cobra buckles to ensure the two are inseperable.

Home Base

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Working on the go means professionals can take short trips between their longer travel periods. The sling bag can be detached and adequately stores essentials for a short time away.

Sling Bag

Display content it will be holding

Durable Elasticity

Anti-Bacterial Coating

Algae-Based Foam

3D Printed EPU

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