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Shiro Concept Shop

A collection of goods that reuses old sneakers to raise awareness of a problem that we ALL contribute to.


In collaboration with:

Shiro Concept Shop is the outcome of a material-focused program in Shanghai, China. After visiting over 30 manufacturing facilities, we were challenged with our own innovative material research and design. The goal was to take our resourceful material innovation and apply it to the real-world market. 


We have a HUGE

problem being overlooked

that we all contribute to.

You too.


23 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually.

In 2018, Adidas Groups' footwear production worldwide reached 409 million pairs alone.

Americans discard 300 million pairs per year.

Every shoe thrown away takes roughly 30-40 

years to decompose.


By separating old sneakers, we have access to an endless supply of material. Allowing the material to flourish in a refreshing and recognizable way is the objective of this project. 

s e  p   a    r     a      t       e

How might we close the 

design loop of footwear?

Shiro Concept Shop

A stool. Form language inspired by the dynamic movements of basketball players, and celebrating the imperfections and randomness in materials. 


Suprematism Tote

Sneaker uppers composed on a tote referring to the Suprematism Art Movement. Also a subtle nod to the streetwear powerhouse - Supreme. 



Suprematism Tee

A screen-printed tee in support of the upcycling culture movement.

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