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Bark App

An app for dogs who are recovering from unhealthy relationships with food.

*This is an imaginative app used by dogs.


Given Prompt: 

The Hiccups...

Hiccups occur when there is an irritation of the nerves between the neck and chest. They are frequently caused by eating too fast and swallowing air, chewing gum, or smoking.

Expected Lifespan ≈ 79 years


The Hippups...

Essentially, hiccups are sudden, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle. They may also occur in dogs which can lead to choking and vomiting. Causes for the hippups include eating or drinking too fast, stress, fatigue, and excitement. 

Expected Lifespan ≈ 10 - 13 years


Kimo's Story

My name is Kimo and I have a problem...I love food so much that I just can't stop eating. I initially noticed this problem when I frequently got the hiccups. Now, I realize I have a much bigger problem; I have food addiction!


An app that brings together the community of dogs who through shared experience, strength, and hope are recovering from unhealthy relationships with food and body image. 

This is Bark.

Your profile page.

It's time to take control of your relationship with food. Stay in contact with connections you've made throughout your process, keep track of mealtimes, collect points, and scroll through an endless feed of health & wellness topics. 

This is your journey.

Keep track of your progress in our recovery program. The 12-steps, based on the principles of AA, are guidelines for spiritual and character development. One step at a time.

Map your progress. 

Every step you take opens a new stone. Keep tracking your recovery and you'll be rewarded in more than one way. If reminders are necessary, you can always go back and refresh your memory. 

Support Groups.

You're not alone! We know this and we hope you do too. That's why we do our best to curate an endless scroll of meetings for you to connect with neighborhood dogs. 

Reward yourself.

Keeping track of your progress earns you tennis balls. These tennis balls act as credit and we collaborate with top companies and designers to provide you with safe and healthy entertainment.


Let's get you back on

your paws!

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